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Welcome to FractionalTalent

Our Trusted Talent SmartCloud connects you to top business and technical leadership, enabling you to offshore and nearshore with confidence, or even employ an AI-based solution instead of hiring.


We're smashing the 40-hour work week by providing labor in 10-hour increments, giving you more control over your time, your costs, go-to-market faster while reducing the risks of full-time hiring and contracting!

in the Future of Talent

Kate Lewis and Tom Mirc have spent 50 collective years building trust and relationships in the technology market. Long ago, they realized that companies needed more flexible solutions to staffing.

In today's market, finding the right talent takes a lot of time, cost, compromise, and risk. You've been locked into paying for, (or working) 40 hours/week, even if the job can be done in less. The globe is wide open and top talent knows no boundaries.


We're disrupting the Traditional Contract/FTE staffing model

Access top corporate business talent in 10 hour increments

Find trusted experts for your specific technology business need

Find trusted and vetted nearshore/offshore providers for your software development and engineering needs

Use AI to break expensive jobs into smaller segments that can be performed more quickly and cost effectively

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Meet the brilliant minds behind the scenes.

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