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What is Job Fractionation

You may have seen our posts recently from on how we help companies assess their job openings to fractionate their jobs and then determine the right blend of AI technology and talent to propose a super team from our Trusted Talent SmartCloud. I wanted to share this picture to illustrate how we fractionate a job. Having been in IT staffing for over a decade, sometimes I would meet with a hiring manager who had a very lengthy job description of an open position, for instance: they need a Full Stack Java Software Architect who can be a Product Owner and Team Lead, who can be client facing, and has worked with payment processing and ecommerce… Due to budget constraints restricted headcount approvals, and limited budgets; sometimes it would force a manager to try to find a Unicorn, but not just a Unicorn, a multi-talented Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Kitten. A rare find indeed… Now by partnering with and leveraging our Trusted Talent

SmartCloud, we can dissect that impossible job description and break it down into 3 roles. You can hire a fractional “Unicorn” for 10 hours a week who is a payment processing and e-commerce Architect, and we will pair that with a fractional “Kitten” for 10 hours a week who is a Full Stack Java Software Lead with client-facing consulting experience, and then add in a “Butterfly” Product Owner with consulting experience in e-commerce for 10 hours a week. We build you a Super Team of consultants to meet your project needs, within your budget, instead of forcing you to wait and struggle through the traditional staffing models.

Have you had a hard time finding that multi-ta

lented “Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Kitten” for your company? We can help!

Let’s find some time to talk!


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